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Found Ufouria Proto Screens, Some old, Some just found.
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Deadguy2322 wrote:
rbudrick wrote:
Skrybe wrote:
KingMike wrote:
I think I remember years ago, Skrybe tried to use some cheat codes from the PS1 Sunsoft Memorial version of Atlantis no Nazo, on the Famicom version. I don't think he succeeded.

Yeah. The codes in question are here. The first four are from Atlantis no Nazo. I don't recall ever getting them to work, but I attributed that to the codes being ridiculously hard to enter. In particular, the invincibility code requires 55 button presses, using both controllers.

I think BMF was able to get some of the cheats working by hacking the game, but I could be wrong.

Some controllers had programmable macro buttons on them, but I only recall them for SNES and Genesis. Anyone know if they ever came out for FC/NES? Either way, if you have a PS1 macro controller...

It took me years to be able to enter the Ikari Warriors stage select cheat, but if I had a macro button, it would have been a piece of cake.


Not necessarily. Some programmable controllers were terrible and entered commands faster than the games could recognize them. I had two different ones for the SNES, one by STD(now known as InterAct) and one by Beeshu, and they were both pretty hit-and miss. The Beeshu was better, but neither was very consistent.

I did have better luck with a great arcade stick that came with different cables so it could be used for PS1, Saturn or SNES, but the programming only seemed perfect on PS1.

Hmmm, well, I have a PSX to Fami (15 pin) adapter. I think I got it from Lik Sang or Maybe tototek a few years ago. I wonder if the macros would work that way. Interesting info, btw...I didn't know those controllers were so finicky.

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