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now youre playing with powar x: endgame, vg remix cover cd

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 10:14 am    Post subject: now youre playing with powar x: endgame, vg remix cover cd Reply with quote

sup everybody, we are proud to announce our 10th (technically our 12th) video game cover cd, entitled 'now youre playing with powar x: endgame'. we recorded this album with one thing in mind, you guys, the people who have enjoyed what we've done for all these years now. we pumped up the plur and dropped the nsf's out of the mix for almost every song, and came correct with an album that will show you both a more sensitive side, but as well a more mature part of tss that you might not expect, so sayeth the press release:


Now Youre Playing With Powar X: Endgame is an album by fans, for fans. The love of the music, the fandom, and all great nintentions and putting it all on the line is the intent of this album in all respects. On this foray, we are proud to bring forth a full band album with tons of stregnth, stripping away all backing electronics present on other NYPWP releases and going for a 'one mind, one sound' aesthetic that video game music deserves, just as you would hear it if it were performed live. This album shows a balance of both a more sensitive side as well as a visceral nature that encapsulates Temp Sound Solutions as it is, was, and forever will be. You can't lose if you dont play, and this is Endgame.

so there you go. we're very happy with this album and hope you will be too. this is a full band album and we chose songs that we thought we could bring something unique to to make an album that maybe never would have normally happened by other video game cover bands.

01 - ecco jr titlescreen
02 - airman
03 - iron sword
04 - mm10 commando man
05 - garfield titlescreen (genesis)
06 - bio force ape lv 1
07 - gauntlet
08 - shadow land (youkai dochu-ki)
09 - tmnt
10 - werewolf: the last warriors
11 - yamamura misa suspense - kyouto zaiteku satsujin jiken
12 - fighting faxanadu golf

if you want to hit up the stream songs, you can hit up the bandcamp page for the album here: http://tempsoundsolutions.bandcamp.com/album/now-youre-playing-with-powar-x-endgame and theres 5 songs available to hear there there. if you're more of a rightclick and download kinda dude and you dont dig bandcamp or digital download stuff, you can check out our webpage at http://www.tempsoundsolutions.com and theres also an order page there if you'd like to get a cd.

we will also have a new un squadron themed t-shirt for the release of this album available at magfest as well as a few nice surprises if you're planning on coming. here's the design:

also, if anybody has the means of helping to get the word out about this album to any news outlets like kotaku or destructoid, please give me a heads up. promotion helps a ton and after pulling some of the crazy stuff we did on this album like werewolf and bio force ape level 1 and stuff, songs that were really challenging, we really want as many people to hear this as possible.

i want to give you all a big thanks as inspiration, most especially to frank for finally bringing bio force ape to fruition after all these years. we were very happy to be able to bring the music to that game to life and make it known to people, and we had a great time doing this album. thanks for listening!
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