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Dungeon Depths (Unreleased Atari Jaguar Title)

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 2:11 am    Post subject: Dungeon Depths (Unreleased Atari Jaguar Title) Reply with quote

Dungeon Depths was a dungeon crawler that was being developed by Midnite Entertainment Group Inc., the same guys behind AirCars for the Atari Jaguar. It was previewed multiple times on promotional ítems for the system back in 1994-1995. There's various info about this title on the internet but i want to bring what me and various of my friend know about the title here. I was approached by a comrade of mine who runs the JagMod website (who tracks developers for the many games released for the system) and he gave me these flyers that i never saw before and turned out they were for Dungeon Depths...

Here's some tidbits about Dungeon Depths that my friends and i managed to get from one of the programmers of AirCars. He has a old computer that may potentially still have the source code for both Dungeon Depths and Midnite's other unreleased Jaguar game called Assault: Covert Ops, which is a strategy game (BTW, AirCars was the only completed project they did for the system, the other 2 weren't so lucky). Here's some quotes by himself about the projects;
These 2 is when i asked him if he rembered worrking on both Dungeon and Assault and he gave me a answer + another one when i asked him if he and the team did anything more besides the flyers and the art...
John R Sanderson: We had proposed those titles back in 1994!

John R Sanderson: We did have some concept art on both. Not much more though. May be on the system I need to recover!

This one is when me and my friend of JagMod showed the flyer to him...
John R Sanderson: I remember those well. I believe I was the one who printed many of them! Very Happy

The question i had was which place where the flyers given away and i got a reply from John Hardie of NVM:
John Hardie: I got mine at a Toad Fest show run by Toad Computers back in the day. There's also flyers for Air Cars and one other game.

I have the flyer for AirCars as well (which is now preserved at MobyGames) but John has the last one that's not scanned online (Assault: Covert Ops) but now that he remembered that other flyer, he'll look for it, which is nice Smile
This is one when my friend asked about how the game was done and he got these 2 answers:
John R Sanderson: Something else I suppose. Very Happy I wrote the entire engine in 68000 and the GPU and DSP code using macros. Very Happy

John R Sanderson: This was a rendering rather than a screen shot. We are locating the hard drive that has all the projects. Aircars was the only completed one.

And this last one is when i asked him to see if he managed to find anything about them...
John R Sanderson: Working on it! Long story.

So there you have it! I'll let you guys know if there's progress about what happend to Dungeon Depths and Assault: Covert Ops (and maybe some goodies related to AirCars Wink )...
All this info comes from a Facebook group that both me and a friend that works for Retro Gamer magazine run so it's legit Wink
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